I am a junior at Reedy High School. I am currently in ISM I and am studying astronautical engineering. 

My family is in love with Elon Musk. Head over heels. So when the Falcon 9 landed, it was a Varghese family event. My mom screamed our names and called us all to the couch and all of us - me, my sister, my brother, and my parents - just sat there and watched the landing. That is how I knew I loved space science. The idea of pushing the boundaries of what is normal or reasonable when it came to outer space. My experience at a competition at the Kennedy Space Center furthered this passion, and that is how I wound up here, studying astronautical engineering at Reedy High School. 

Outside of astronautical science, I dedicate my time to people, new experiences, clubs, and volunteering. I love people and spending time with them. You can find me trying new restaurants, bowling, skating (tis the season), visiting Dallas, Denton, Mckinney, and frequenting Six Flags. I am part of the RHS Academic Decathlon team and I dedicate time volunteering with the Red Cross, Operation Kindness, and also just around town in Frisco. 

My mission is to continue love learning and exploring; to dream big and be passionate and confident; to strive for greatness because I am capable of it rather than feel obligated or pressured to; to build and innovate something that will take flight; to learn the intricacies of aerospace engineering, and finally to inspire others to be passionate and be a part of something larger than themselves and value the unknown, whether it is the sky, space, or the ocean, but to want to explore and achieve something more than the present, the now, and what is here.

C O N T A C T 

214 - 609 - 5525


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